Aerial photography

Aerial photography allows angles not available with the traditional ground shooting. Thanks to drones, creativity is no longer limited by gravity. We use only up-to-date equipment. All our drones are capable of video recording in the UHD (4K) format. 

Where could you effectively
use Aerial photography?

Real Estate

Sport Events


360 panoramas
Virtual Aero 3D tours

Music clips



Concerts and Music Festivals

Aerial photography is affordable!

It may seem that aero photo-video is quite unaffordable since it is used in Hollywood movies, however, that’s not true! Our prices don’t bite, and this allows anyone to be our customer.

Why choose us?

More than 4 years of experience

Professional drone pilots

Quality assurance

We’ll do a refund if you’re unhappy with the end result!

Modern photo and aero equipment

We use modern quadcopters and video cameras

High-quality editing

You get a high-quality editing from an industry professional with more than 10 years of experience

Fast execution

We do the shooting the same day you order it

Affordable prices

Excellent quality for a reasonable price

UHD video

UHD (4K)

We work across Ukraine

And also abroad

We create 360 panoramas

With your logo

Our workflow

Leave a request on the site

We agree on all details, write a script if necessary, we agree the price as well

Shooting according to the schedule, taking into account all previous agreements

Video editing, music, postproduction, captions, graphics

We send the finalized video and make changes if needed

Lastly, we send you the end result

Place an

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